Month: November 2018

ABC Pediatric Therapy reading picture book

Happy Reading! All About Books

With the holiday season fast approaching, many of us are beginning to think about the gifts we need to buy and what we hope to receive. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends of toys and technology, but one gift that keeps giving are books. Yes, books! Books may seem old-school to a few, but understanding the...

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Red Flags in Early Communication Development

By 6 Months ·       Does not laugh or squeal ·       Does not look toward new sounds ·       No eye contact with parent By 9 Months ·       Has limited or no babbling By 12 Months ·       Does not point to objects ·       Does not use gestures such as waving By 15 Months ·       Does not have “first” word ·       Does not...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Teacher and Student on Swing

How Your Attitude as a Parent Can Help Your Child Progress by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

The first time Jakob had to have blood drawn, it took three of us to hold him down. He kicked, he screamed, and he fought to get free. It was a traumatizing event for both of us. It felt so very wrong and the guilt was immediate, deep and torturous. He didn’t understand what we were doing or why. I’ll...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Board game

Gift Ideas for Elementary school aged children

The holidays are just around the corner and family and friends will be wondering what to get your child this year. With hours spent at school, popular video games and TV shows, children are sitting more and more. This year consider some of the following ideas to get your child moving and help support their development! Gift ideas for Elementary...

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Now that Halloween has come and gone, the holiday season is fast approaching. Many family, friends and parents will be wondering what your little preschooler would love to receive! We have compiled a list of fun ideas to have for your little one to unwrap that will also help promote their development.   Gift ideas for preschoolers: -kinetic sand or...

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Coming up to the holiday season, many parents have questions about the best toys for their toddlers.  Our day to day routines have evolved to promote children spending time in “containers.” This can be sitting in a car seat, jumpers, activity chairs, long periods in high chairs, etc. While convenient and necessary, it is also important to encourage your child...

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Holiday Gifts for Infants

A new little one in the family is an exciting time, especially during the holidays! Below is a list of gifts and ideas to keep in mind when friends and family are asking what to get your infant this holiday season. Since the “back to sleep” campaign started, there has been an increase in certain diagnoses affecting a baby’s head...

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Sensory Strategies for the Holidays

Holidays are a fun and exciting time of the year. Holidays can also be a stressful time of the year for both children and their parents. Children with deficits with sensory processing may have more difficulty with maintaining appropriate modulation which may lead to being overwhelmed and having more melt-downs. Keeping in mind the following strategies can help families get...

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Thanksgiving: Strategies to Reduce Stress with Picky Eaters

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, do not let having a picky eater impact your time spent with family and friends. ABC Therapy would like to offer you these helpful feeding strategies to help reduce the stress during your Thanksgiving meals. Positioning– Children perform best when their feet are flat on a sturdy surface, eating surface is at waist level, and they’re...

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All About Acronyms by: Sarah Cicconetti, MA, CCC-SLP

ASAP, YMCA, RSVP.  Acronyms are all around us, permeating our lives and activities. Sometimes we truncate words just for the heck of it, “kay” instead of “okay” or “app” instead of application.  Then there’s the world of healthcare and medicine, and suddenly everything is a jumbled mess of alphabet soup.  It’s hard to keep track of what all the acronyms...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?