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for all children


Speech Therapy

We treat children of all ages, from infants to teenagers. Our work covers a large range of disorders in children. 


Physical Therapy

Our experts will enhance your child’s gross motor development in fun and creative ways. We use activities to engage large muscle groups that require coordination and strength. 


Occupational Therapy

The therapists at ABC can help your child develop the skills that will help him or her succeed later in life, including fine motor and social skills. 

Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones? 
Use our interactive screening tool to see if your 1-6 year old is on track with their gross motor, fine motor, speech, and sensory skills. 



Our Therapy Technique

Our unique therapy method employs a play-based approach to create an interactive and engaging experience for your child. We believe that therapy is most effective when we meet children in the environment that is most comfortable for them.


Right Here When You Need Us

ABC Pediatric Therapy Network has offices in West Chester, Red Bank Road, Western Hills, Miamisburg, and Beavercreek.

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