Success Stories

Our dynamic approach to therapy produces amazing results in our clients every day. Kids gain skills faster because of our unique treatment, facility, and staff. Our child-directed approach is more fun for kids and helps them achieve their goals faster than more traditional therapy methods.

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"This little one had torticollis and plagiocephaly at 4 months old. He was unable to do any typical 4 month old gross motor skills, and we had to address neck tightness and his flat spot. He now has full range of motion in his neck. Now at 12 months old, he is walking and is age appropriate on all gross motor skills!"

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“Patient first came to ABC because of her sensory challenges and fine motor skills.  She is getting braver and more independent thanks to the wonderful guidance of her therapists. She is now able to self-calm and her fine motor skills have improved drastically!

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“Our little one had no true words, difficulty producing age-appropriate phonemes, did not respond to yes/no questions, and did not ask for “more’ or “all done”. He is now labeling nouns, using 2–4-word phrases, and learning new words daily! I am so thankful for ABC Pediatric Therapy!"

Success Story

Patient was referred to ABC Pediatric Therapy at six months old. With a daunting diagnosis, her parents turned to the wonderful therapists at ABC Pediatric Therapy to work through her developmental challenges. Watch this inspiring story about the amazing progress she's made through physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

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