What Should I Expect at My First Visit?

Our first priority at ABC is “creating the best life for all children”!

What does this mean?

Your family is our first priority.  We want to know the parents’ concerns and the child’s concerns.

During your first visit you will have the opportunity to talk through your concerns with your therapist and determine a unique treatment plan designed specifically for your child’s needs!

How to get started!

To establish care, give our friendly Patient Advocate a call at any of our five locations!  They will be able to help you secure a referral from the pediatrician, if you don’t have one already!

After the referral and insurance information is received, the Patient Advocate will call you to schedule an evaluation.

You will then receive an email with any paperwork that would need to be filled out prior to the appointment!

Do I have to have a referral for my child to be seen?

Legally, therapists at ABC can treat your child without a referral from your doctor.

If we are billing your insurance, it is the insurance company that may require the referral.  To absolutely ensure your claims are paid by insurance without any challenges we ask all families to get a referral.

Even though every patient is required to have a referral, there does not need to be a specific diagnosis to come to ABC!  A medical doctor, nurse practitioner or psychiatrist may sign the referral.

How do I know if therapy will be covered by my insurance?

Please refer to our web page “Breaking Through Financial Barriers” to answer your insurance questions.  >>> Insurance and Funding - ABC Pediatric Therapy

ABC is here to Help!

Therapy starts right when you walk in the door!

If they are able to, we encourage every child to check themselves in with the friendly front desk staff!

We also encourage parents to be active participants throughout treatment.

Our therapist will help your child to reach goals, try new things or learn new skills!

As therapy goes on our staff will celebrate every milestone along the way!

Once there is no longer a need for therapy and the child graduates, they are able to put their handprint on one of the canvas that hang through out the building!

What to Bring to our first appointment:

  • Insurance Cards – Please bring both primary and secondary insurances
  • An understanding of your child’s insurance benefits
  • Copay for Therapy