Breaking Through Financial Barriers

ABC is passionate about making sure that finances are not a barrier for your child to receive the services that they need and deserve.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that may help:

What does ABC do to make understanding insurance benefits easy?

An ABC staff member will verify your benefits.

We ask that you also call your insurance company to hear your benefits as well.

We will share with you what we learn about your benefits.  Helping you understand your financial responsibility is important to us.

What is a deductible, coinsurance and co-pay?

  • Deductible: The amount of money that a family must pay before they will receive benefits from their insurance.
  • Co-insurance: A percentage that must be paid by the family after the deductible has been met.  This can be a different amount each week, depending on the services to be rendered.
  • Co-Pay:  A set amount to be paid by the family for each visit.  Sometimes families will need to pay a co-pay for each therapy they are seen for on the same day.  Sometimes a family only needs to pay one co-pay to cover all services in one day.

What insurance companies is ABC in network with?

ABC is in network with nearly every insurance company.

Once I understand my benefits, what do I do if I can’t afford therapy or find that therapy is not covered?

ABC has helped hundreds of families find alternative funding to help pay for therapy.  Please call or email us and we are happy to help you too.

What if my policy does not allow more visits to be approved?

ABC will work with you to explore alternative funding sources to help pay for more visits.

We also offer private pay and sale appointments to ensure you can continue to watch your child be the best them they can be.

At ABC, HELP does not just occur in our treatment sessions.  We HELP to make scheduling and billing easier as well.

Good Faith Notice

If you are a patient and have billing questions, please call 866-4-IVY-KID