Red Flags in Early Communication Development

ABC Pediatric Therapy infant in swing

By 6 Months·       Does not laugh or squeal

·       Does not look toward new sounds

·       No eye contact with parent

By 9 Months·       Has limited or no babbling
By 12 Months·       Does not point to objects

·       Does not use gestures such as waving

By 15 Months·       Does not have “first” word

·       Does not respond to own name

By 18 Months


·       Does not use at least 6-10 words consistently

·       No imitative skills (gestures or verbal)

By 20 Months·       Does not follow simple directions
By 24 Months·       Has a vocabulary of less than 50 words

·       Has decreased social interactions

·       Not combining words

By 36 Months·       Strangers have difficulty understanding what the child is saying

·       Short utterances only; limited conversational skills

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Written by:  Christina Sanford, MA, CCC-SLP



Developmental Checklist

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