Holiday Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Now that Halloween has come and gone, the holiday season is fast approaching. Many family, friends and parents will be wondering what your little preschooler would love to receive! We have compiled a list of fun ideas to have for your little one to unwrap that will also help promote their development.


Gift ideas for preschoolers:

-kinetic sand or sand box with shovel and bucket

-make your own sensory bins: fill containers with beans, rice, water beads, etc and hide holiday items inside for your child to find

-Print your own Christmas songs with movement book such as this one from:

-cookie/gingerbread decorating kit


-picture books

-velcro dart board or other target game

-bean bags – great for a variety of games such as a child sized corn hole game or large-scale tic tac toe

-balance beam or balance stepping stones

-blocks –wooden or lego style




-pattern block boards

-wiki stix

-helping hands fine motor tool set

-rhythm instruments: keyboards, xylophone, maracas, tambourines

-large and small balls for kicking, throwing, catching



– Plastic bats and balls or bowling set

-art supplies such as non toxic paints, crayons, chalk, stamps, etc.

Feel free to get creative and put a holiday spin on household favorites. For example, if your child loves playdough, you can make your own candy cane dough, put tinsel/sparkles inside of the dough, or make your own slime! There are a variety of recipes available online to suit your needs and your child’s preferences. Feel free to share your ideas with us at:

If you have concerns or questions about your child’s development, please go to our website at

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