Calming strategies

  Calming strategies to help your child RETURN to the Green zone Breathing Techniques 1.  Lazy 8 Breathing – begin with your finger on the star. Trace around the left side of the eight slowly while breathing in. Then trace around the right side of the eight while breathing out. 2.  Star Breathing – Begin at any point of the...

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Sensory Home Program

  These strategies require no special equipment, just your imagination and household items! All of these strategies can be used for increased sensory processing, self-regulation, calming, and attention. Animal Walks Have your child walk like an animal to weight bear through all four limbs for increased calming and self-regulation You can use any animal you can think of! Some examples...

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Fun and FUNctional Ways to Use Sidewalk Chalk

The sun is shining, the air is getting warmer, and we can finally enjoy playing outside again.  Why not make FUNctional use out of one of everyone’s favorite outdoor toys – sidewalk chalk!  Here are a few ways to mix up the classic tool – keep it interesting and new for your kiddo and work on a variety of skills...

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Tips and Tricks: Using Speech Generating Devices at Home

    Getting your child a speech generating device (SGD) is an exciting step towards improving their communication and independence. It’s an exciting time, but it is not a quick fix and doesn’t mean that your child can immediately begin to communicate with you. A baby is consistently hearing verbal communication every day for a year or more before they...

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Serial Casting

Kiddos who are chronic toe walkers or have increased muscle tone in their calf muscles lack the range of motion in their ankles to be able to walk with a normal heel-to-toe pattern. It also affects their balance and can cause muscular imbalances throughout the body due to using incorrect muscles to compensate. This then leads to difficulty performing and...

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Therapy in the Woods

  Hiking with the family is a great way to relax, exercise, play, learn, and explore new things. From a therapist perspective, this is also a low-stress and fun way to work on your child’s goals, no matter what the discipline. See below for ideas to enhance your hiking experience!   Physical Therapy Climb, throw, and jump! Balance-Find trails that...

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Life Skills to Teach your Child during Quarantine

Life Skills to Teach your Child during Quarantine As parents, we have a unique situation which allows us to spend a lot of time with our children at home.  As an OT, I can’t help but think of it as a great opportunity to teach your kids some basic life skills, that will stay with them long past quarantine life!...

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Ideas for Brown Bear, Brown Bear

  Model language for your child -Read with the rhythm of the book -Leave out words and have the children fill in words (after multiple repetitions) “Green frog, green frog. What do you ______? I see a blue _____. Looking at me.” Pause for a few seconds then fill in the words: “HORSE” -Read and make statements to describe “This...

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How to Encourage Your Child to Practice Their Speech and Language Skills at Home

View this post on Instagram #MilestoneMonday “My son’s speech has improved to where he can now speak in small sentences. His balance is way better and he is learning to ride bikes and scooters! ABC is family oriented and flexible with our schedule.” – LaQuana Lewis, parent #MilestoneMonday #Progress #keeppushingforward #pediatrictherapy A post shared by ABC Pediatric Therapy (@abcpedtherapy) on...

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Treadmill Training

A few facts with Treadmill Training at ABC Pediatric Therapy -Appropriate in our ABC setting for Delayed Walkers with no neurological or medical diagnosis such as Cerebral Palsy or Down Syndrome – Performed for 15 minutes total of a session with a rest break as needed – Performed 1-2x/week for total of 6 weeks or more weeks – Therapist provides...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?