Sensory Home Program


These strategies require no special equipment, just your imagination and household items! All of these strategies can be used for increased sensory processing, self-regulation, calming, and attention.

Animal Walks

  1. Crab Walk
  2. Bear Walk
  3. Penguin Walk
  4. Tall Giraffe Walk
  5. Frog Jumps
  6. Bunny Hops
  • Have your child walk like an animal to weight bear through all four limbs for increased calming and self-regulation.

Obstacle course

  • Create an obstacle course around your house with your child using whatever you have! Set up couch cushions on the floor to hop across, crawl under a table, do an animal walk, or jump over a pillow!
  • Your child will get plenty of input by running, jumping, and will also work on their problem-solving skills.

Wheelbarrow Walks

Blanket Burritos


Shaving Cream, Play Dough, or Finger Painting


Listening to Music



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