Five Ways to Work on Preschool Language Skills at Home



  1. Read a story aloud and have your child answer a variety of questions
  • Between the ages of 4-5 children should be able to answer and ask wh- questions independently (who, what, when, where and why). This is also a way to work on story recall (preschool aged children should be able to recall 2-3 details from a story read aloud).

ABC Pediatric Therapy DS reading book


  1. Do a scavenger hunt with letters/numbers
  • Children who are in preschool should be able to follow 3 step directions and are working on identifying letters of the alphabet and numbers. Have your child hide the objects and provide directions on how to find the object.


  1. Play I-Spy around the house or outside
  • I-Spy encourages children to work on their colors, shapes, and forming of complex sentences all while having fun! This is a great way to build a child’s vocabulary.


  1. Pretend play activities (baking, playing house, dressing up, building with blocks)
  • Children love to play pretend! Pretend play works on following multi-step directions, understanding time concepts, answering questions, building vocabulary, and social interactions/turn taking.



  1. Touch and feel bags

Hiding different objects in a bag is an excellent way to work on descriptor words. Have the child place their hand in a bag and describe objects to you. It is fun to guess the object they are describing


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