How to Use Pinterest for Home Program Ideas


pinterestIf you’ve never used Pinterest: Pinterest is a website that allows you to access the internet in a unique way by creating your own virtual cork boards of items or activities of your interest. On each cork board you can pin items from all over the internet so that you can go back to ideas you find easily for future reference. You can also browse other cork boards and repin items to your board! When you click on a “pin” you have a few choices:

First you can “like” the pin and a list of “likes” will be created in your profile for you to go back to.
Second you can “repin” the “pin”. So if you see something you like on ABC’s page, and don’t want to forget it, you can pin it to your own board.
Third you can click the website link on the top right of the pin and it will take you to the original website where the pin was found. At the website you may find out how to create a homemade activity, how other people are using the activity, or possibly how to purchase a specific game or toy.

The benefits of ABC’s Pinterest site: ABC is taking all the hard work out of trying to find fun home program ideas for your child to meet their goals. Visit our pinboard and you will see that we are collecting a plethora of ideas to help your child meet a variety of goals. We will be constantly adding to our pinboards so check back frequently for new ideas.

Here is a list of current pinboards and what you might find on our Pinterest page:

Games for Growing: a list of games that you may already have in your game closet at home and how they can be used to help increase skills in a variety of areas targeted in therapy. Also a great list to refer to if a birthday is coming up as the games will be both fun toys as well as educational.

Fabulous fine motor skills: a variety of ideas to help your child work on fine motor skills. Some may be toys or crafts you can do with household items.

Fun with food: Is your child a picky eater? These fun food ideas can help your child think eating those nutritious foods is a fun game or an arts and crafts project. Hopefully this board gets the brain juices flowing with how to make food FUN!

Written by: Terri Smock, MA, CCC-SLP

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