Apps for AAC

*These apps are only available for Apple products (iPhone, iPad) iPad Apps for AAC



Talking Picture BoardA simple picture board for children containing some 300 pictures organized in 20 categories such as animals, office supplies, toys etc. The names of the pictures is spoken when pictures are clicked.Free
Sono FlexA great AAC device that has good core words, ability to make sentences, and context specific vocabulary$99
Tap to TalkA good starter AAC device to help kids communicate basic needs, emotions and requests.Free
Proloquo2goA good AAC device for basic requests. It is very easy to edit.$189.99
iconverseA very basic 6 button communication device$9.99
iCommunicateYou can create flashcards, storyboards, visual schedules, and pictures. It includes 100+ pics but you can add your own.$19.99 iPod$29.99iPad
Tap Speak buttonIt’s like a big mac switch that you can store unlimited messages for an unlimited time.$9.99
Yes-NoThis is a simple yes/no communication app$1.99



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