Speech and Language

Top Ten Fun Activities to Practice Speech Sounds at Home

Speech Sound Grab Bag: Fill a medium sized gift bag or tote bag with small objects/pictures that begin (or end) with the targeted sound. Have your child take out each object and practice saying that word and talk about what he/she found. Your child will love digging into the bag and feeling the objects inside to see what is hidden...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Boy on trapeze swing

From 1 to 2, building phrases!

By the time a toddler has a vocabulary of at least 30-40 words, they begin to put words together into 2-word phrases (the child must be USING the 30-40 words in spontaneous speech to comment/request/label, not just imitating). The general “rule of thumb” is that at age one, children use only ONE word to communicate, then at age two, they...

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Red Flags in Early Communication Development

By 6 Months ·       Does not laugh or squeal ·       Does not look toward new sounds ·       No eye contact with parent By 9 Months ·       Has limited or no babbling By 12 Months ·       Does not point to objects ·       Does not use gestures such as waving By 15 Months ·       Does not have “first” word ·       Does not...

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All About Acronyms by: Sarah Cicconetti, MA, CCC-SLP

ASAP, YMCA, RSVP.  Acronyms are all around us, permeating our lives and activities. Sometimes we truncate words just for the heck of it, “kay” instead of “okay” or “app” instead of application.  Then there’s the world of healthcare and medicine, and suddenly everything is a jumbled mess of alphabet soup.  It’s hard to keep track of what all the acronyms...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?