Sensory/Calming Bottles

Sensory Bottles

What a fun and easy activity to do in your home with your child! Calming bottles are great for sensory play and to calm an anxious child.

What you will need:

  1.  A clear bottle with lid
  2.  food coloring
  3.  items you want to put in your bottle (beads, glitter, Legos) You decide!
  4.  water
  5.  baby oil
  6.  glue


  1.  Fill bottle 1/2 water
  2.  Fill bottle 1/2 baby oil
  3.  Insert desired items you want in your calming bottle
  4.  Drop your food coloring to your desired color
  5.  Glue your lid so child is not able to open
  6.  Enjoy!

Watch our instructional video below:


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