Learning to Write Letters

When children are learning to write their alphabet letters, it is beneficial to incorporate different ways for them to practice forming the letters. Different textures or messy play activities are a great way to engage children in this activity by having them try some of the following to form letters:

  • Use their finger in a sand box
  • Finger painting by connecting dots
  • Using a toothpick in play doh
  • Glue cotton balls in the shape of letters
  • Stickers in the shape of letters
  • Form the letters using a finger in shaving cream, cool whip, paint, or pudding
  • Form the letters on a chalkboard, then have them erase the letters using a wet wipe or wet sponge for repetition.
  • Alphabet letter shaped snacks (alphabet soup, letter shaped crackers, cookies or fruit snacks)

Incorporating a sensory technique, such as messy play or different textures, increases the child’s ability to process information by increasing their sense of touch, behavior, visual attention, focus, and interest in learning.

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