How Do You Measure Progress?

What is Progress?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines progress as forward movement.   I love this!

I want to challenge you to always be sure your child is moving forward!  To do this you have to define for yourself (and your child) “what is progress?”.

In the therapy world, there are many methods of receiving help for your child…..Early Intervention, Help Me Grow, Early Steps, school therapy, private therapy, ABA, music therapy, vision therapy, hippotherapy, massage therapy and there are others.  Some are free, some are covered by your insurance and some you pay for yourself.  One type of therapy is not best for every child.  So how do you decide what is best for YOUR child?

I have the answer.

You know your child best.  So first, define for yourself your wants and needs for your child and your family in regards to the problems you are looking to solve.  What causes the most disruption to the happy family unit?  What limits your child’s success the most?  Actually write down as many challenges as you can that you would like to solve for your family and/or your child.

Now, how to solve these limitations that are barriers to your happy family and your confident child.  You cannot just look for what is most convenient although that might be a good place to start.  You cannot just look for what is cheapest but you can start there as well.  The solution lies in what gives your child the most progress! 

As a parent of 3, I sympathize with you on finding services that are convenient and affordable.  But the only true solution to the challenges that face your family and your child is the one that leads to progress!  You will waste your time and your money if you do not seek out that which brings about the most progress.   Your child deserves to make consistent progress as that is what will lead you to a confident, successful, happy and social child.  That, for all of us, is priceless!

So back to my challenge to every parent of every child.  What keeps your child moving forward?  Not goals met in a year but goals met in a month or a week!  Educate yourself!  Be sure you are aware of what goals your child is pushing to accomplish and check in every 4 weeks or so to ensure to ensure you are seeing progress.  Is your child seen in a group?  How is that working?  Seeing progress?  Keep asking yourself…”seeing progress?”

If progress is happening at the rate you are happy with – bravo!  You made the right decisions to support your child.  Pat yourself on the back parent!

If you would like to see more progress, don’t wait!  Make change now!  Children grow up fast!  Do not waste your child’s time when he/she could be making progress.  You are seeking a confident, successful, happy and social child.

His/her self esteem could be effected as he/she confronts social situations where he should fit in and even excel.  Our job as parents is to give them the tools prior to when they will need them so they do amazing things.

Do you have concerns that your child needs help with his physical, social or emotional development?  Do you want help in ensuring your child is achieving as his/her maximum potential?

Reach out to your pediatrician for guidance and ask him to allow you to seek out alternatives to challenge your child in a way that will ACTUALLY result in progress. loves to accept and meet the challenge of forward progress!  Accept nothing less than the best for your child.  Your child deserves it!

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