Why Get Help Now For Sensory Concerns?



Sensory Integration is our ability to take in information from our senses and organize it so we can function in our world. Sensory Integration Skills develop throughout our growing years and involve our ability to touch, taste, smell, feel movement, hear, and have an awareness of our body. Proper development of sensory integration skills requires children to experience senses in the world around them.

Sensory Integration skills are very important to a child’s overall development, health, learning, behavior, and self-esteem. Developing sensory integration skills at an early age impacts a child’s behavior, social skills, and play skills. The human body follows a step by step process, where one area often relies on another to achieve full function. Sensory integration develops with fine and gross motor skills – they are all dependent on one another.


Each milestone that is achieved throughout the first years of life is dependent on the one that came before it. To be able to swing and climb on the playground, we must first learn to tolerate movement through space. We need to learn how to cope with busy, quiet, and changing environments in order to concentrate in school. We need to use our body senses together in order to function in our natural environments.

If your child is showing signs of challenges with their sensory Integration skills, it is important to seek out help right away before behaviors become more severe. The earlier intervention is provided, the more effective it can be. You want you and your child to experience less stress as quickly as possible.



If you have concerns about your child’s sensory processing please go to https://www.abcpediatrictherapy.com for more information.

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