Bike Riding Milestones

Riding any type of bike or scooter encourages first and foremost confidence!  The timing of mastering the skills of bike riding is significant at these ages to fitting in with their peer group.

What can you do as a parent?

*Be sure to have the bike/scooter available for practice about 6 months before the age the skill should be mastered

*The child will first climb on and off, maybe propel the bike without pedaling, etc to explore the bike

*Have another child of similar age model the bike/scooter successfully

*Practice on a flat surface

*Celebrate successes and encourage when their are falls

*Be sure the bike is the right size!  The child should be able to place both feet on the ground so they can safely stop the bike.

*Always wear a helmet!

*Empty parking lots – schools or parks – are a great, flat place to practice

Push Bike – 18 months old

Tricycle – 3 years old

prefer tricycles with rubber wheels for traction

Two wheeled bike with training wheels – 4 years old

Two wheeled bike without training wheels – 5 years old

Three wheeled scooter – 4 years old

Two wheeled scooter – 5 years old

Bike and scooter skills are made up of the ability to balance, use hand-eye coordination functionally, improve strength and endurance of muscles and optimizing reaction time skills.  These skills are used in many other areas in a child’s life like carrying a lunchroom tray or kicking a soccer ball while running.  Most important of all, mastering bike/scooter skills allows your child to move about your neighborhood with their friends which equals social confidence.

If your child is struggling to master bike or scooter skills at the above stated ages, please reach out to your pediatrician for advice.  The physical therapists at want to help every child to excel at bike and scooter skills.  Let us know if we can help!

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