What should my 4 year old master at this age level?

Do you know what your 4 year old should be doing at this age level?

Try these skills below with your child.


 ____Completes an easy puzzle

____Cuts piece of paper in half with scissors on a mostly straight line

____Copies a vertical-horizontal cross

____Builds a tower of more than 9 blocks without help

____Cuts out a circle

____Holds marker in a tripod grasps (adult looking)

____Able to make a square and a cross (T)

How did your 4 year old do?

Did you learn that you need to find easy puzzles for your house?  Ask friends and family.  As children grow out of these toys, you can use theirs.

How about those scissors?  Have you been brave enough to get those out?  Store them in a high cabinet but get them out for supervised play.

Using a pencil at this age is quite important.  Make your 4 year old feel important and have them do “homework” when the older kids are.  They will be proud to be able to write like their brother or sister.

Blocks?  Dice may be a bit small but they will work.  Jenga tiles may be a bit big but they work too.  Building challenges fine motor (hand/finger) skills, hand-eye coordination and visual motor skills.  Puzzles and blocks are great for young children.

Never stop challenging your child to achieve the next level!

If you challenge your child for a couple months without success, reach out to your pediatrician for advice.  At ABC Pediatric Therapy, our Occupational Therapists love to teach parents how to help their child to succeed!

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