Month: September 2017

Why Get Help Now For Sensory Concerns?

    Sensory Integration is our ability to take in information from our senses and organize it so we can function in our world. Sensory Integration Skills develop throughout our growing years and involve our ability to touch, taste, smell, feel movement, hear, and have an awareness of our body. Proper development of sensory integration skills requires children to experience...

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Why Get Help Now For Gross Motor Concerns?

Gross Motor Skills are the large movement skills our body develops throughout our growing years. These include rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, riding bikes, and climbing. Proper development of gross motor skills requires strength, balance, postural control, and coordination. It also requires appropriate function of our joints and muscles. Humans were meant to be upright! Gross motor skills are very...

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Why Get Help Now For Fine Motor Concerns?

Fine Motor Skills are the small movement skills of our hands, fingers, and wrists that develop throughout our growing years.   These include writing, cutting, keyboarding, eating, holding small items, buttoning, and turning pages.   Proper development of fine motor skills requires strength, postural control, and coordination.  It also requires appropriate function of our eyes.    Fine motor skills are very important...

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Why Get Help Now For Speech and Language Concerns?

Speech Skills involve our ability to communicate our wants and needs to others.  In order to communicate, we need to say the correct words, with the correct sounds, as well as understand what others are saying to us.  Our speech skills are very closely related to our feeding skills because the same muscles are used for both.  These skills develop...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?