Why Get Help Now For Fine Motor Concerns?

Fine Motor Skills are the small movement skills of our hands, fingers, and wrists that develop throughout our growing years.   These include writing, cutting, keyboarding, eating, holding small items, buttoning, and turning pages.   Proper development of fine motor skills requires strength, postural control, and coordination.  It also requires appropriate function of our eyes. 


Fine motor skills are very important to a child’s overall development, health, learning experiences, and self-esteem.    Developing independence with fine motor skills at an early age is crucial to school performance and self-care skills (such as dressing).   The human body follows a step by step process, where one area often relies on another to achieve full function. 


Each milestone that is achieved throughout the first years of life is dependent on the one that came before it.   To be able to cut and write, we must first learn to grasp.   We need to learn how to hold small objects in order to feed ourselves.  We need to use our eyes and hands together before we button and zip.  The body goes through a complicated movement process.   If a child is not achieving a milestone within a reasonable time frame, it is important to ask questions and seek out guidance right away because the next set of skills is coming up fast.   The longer you wait, the further behind the child will fall.  The earlier an intervention is provided, the more effective it can be.     

Go to https://www.abcpediatrictherapy.com  for more information and to reach out to ABC staff to answer your questions.  We are here to help!

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