Summer Ideas To Challenge Development

Large Motor: Bike or scooter riding Jump rope Throw, kick and catch a ball Hit a ball with a racket or bat Swim Hike Outdoor sports like kick ball, baseball, soccer Follow a line of sidewalk chalk along a jagged and curved path. Water balloon toss or water balloon baseball Hopscotch Small motor, Sensory and Motor Planning: Sidewalk chalk Scavenger...

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Prewriting Tips To Grow On

1.       By a young age, encourage your child to color and explore using paper and crayons as this is an integral part of your child’s prewriting and fine motor development. Continue working on purposeful scribbling, coloring in large/small shapes, drawing (specifically people), and using your child’s creativity throughout his/her childhood. 2.       By 2 years old, your child should begin grasping...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Language and Speech Development

How Communication Affects Frustration and Behavior

Frustration. We all experience moments of frustration, but the way in which we each handle our frustrations is very different and also very important. When children experience moments of frustrations it may include behaviors such as yelling, screaming, crying, hitting, etc. Does this sound familiar? Parents oftentimes feel overwhelmed and frustrated when their child is unable to communicate what is...

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Why Are Crawling And Creeping Important For Development?

Why are crawling and creeping important for development? February 23, 2018 / Diane L. Crecelius, PT, CEO It is important to remember that each stage of development builds on another.  Each step is important for its own reason part of which is to build strength and/or endurance for the next step of development.  Preferably you do not want your child...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?