Musical Toys Enhance Child Development

Music is a great way to enhance child development.  Research has proven that children who play a musical instrument do better in math.  However, for the point of this blog, I am introducing music as a developmentally sensory experience.

Musical instruments teach cause and effect, fine motor coordination, breath strength and control to name a few skills.

A drum set encourages more of a gross motor arm and hand movement.  A whistle or flute encourages fine motor finger movement.

Whistles are a fantastic way to gain lip strength, diaphragm strength and the ability to control how long you can push out a breath.  Why are these things important?  Lip strength will help a child to control thin liquids into and out of their mouth.  Diaphragm strength and the ability to push out air improves a child’s ability to speak loudly or say a full sentence without needing a breath.  The ability to suck a thick milkshake through a straw is influenced by lip and diaphragm strength.

The below microphone that echoes sound back encourages a child to continue to produce sounds of different length.  Maybe you could take turns with your child challenging him/her to produce different sounds.

Bell chimes and tambourines are easy cause effect instruments.














Overall, music is just fun for everyone and for all ages!

Music is something children can do alone or with friends.

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