Lakota Schools Partnership with ABC Pediatric Therapy


ABC Pediatric Therapy loves to help and connect with organizations in our communities. Let’s hear what Katie Bauer from Lakota Local Schools says about the partnership with ABC Pediatric Therapy!  Katie says:

ABC Pediatric therapy has been absolutely wonderful to work with for our student shadowing program! The structure is seamless, and it runs so smoothly to get our Lakota students placed there to observe therapists, learn more about careers in the industry, and interact with patients in a meaningful way. The partnership is priceless to us in helping students learn more about a potential future career.

I work with ABC to provide internships for high school students. Students apply for this wonderful opportunity to work with a variety of ABC therapists to gain industry knowledge and shadow careers that may be in their near future.

These types of internships are so valuable to our students! They are able to dive into a career in a hands-on setting to determine if it’s the right path for their future. They are able to work right alongside the therapists and learn how they use different tactics when working with their patients. It is such a wonderful opportunity for Lakota students to have when exploring what their future holds and determining if a career in pediatric therapy is right for them.

Can you see improvement in the lives of the children?
Yes absolutely! They come out of these experiences with more knowledge and excitement about their futures than I could have ever imagined. Not only does it help students with their future plans, it also helps them gain empathy for those in treatment, which is never a bad thing!

Parents of students who have participated in these programs are always thrilled with the experiences their children have. The structure with ABC is wonderful and really allows for a wide range of experiences in the semester they spend shadowing the therapists. The students also gain those ‘intangible’ professional skills and help them grow in their ability to interact in industry settings.



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