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Tips To Help Your Child With Back To School Transitions

Back to school can be a challenging time for some children.  It can also be a challenging time for some parents too. Here are some tips that might help both you and your child return to the classroom stress free. Tips for the parent: Children pick up on your cues.  Be...

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Ready, Set, Swim!

How can swimming help my child? Swimming is a great way to build confidence in your child.  This very social activity allows children to fit in with their peer group.  It also promotes lifelong safety when participating in water sports such as boating, water skiing,...

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Raising a Confident Child

Raising a confident child is the goal of every parent.  Confidence often trumps intelligence as being sure of yourself can take your far in life and mask what is lacking in intellect. Instilling confidence starts at an early age. When your child is an infant, allow...

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I created ABC because I believe our special children are typical children stuck inside bodies that have not yet learned how to work. I believe every child has a voice. We must figure out how to hear it. I believe all our special children can be mobile, and we are challenged to give them wings. I believe every child can be confidently independent. We have to believe enough in them to let them have successes and failures. I believe each child should be treated the same at their cognitive level. We fail if we treat any one child too special. We fail if we do not redirect or discipline each child as we do each of our other children. We fail by not allowing them to mature emotionally because we did not think they could. I believe every child CAN. I believe each child has to fall to get back up. I believe each child needs to see another child’s success to know they can be successful. Every child needs to see another child fail to know that it is okay to also fail. I believe all children can ride a bike. The bike may look different than the bike you ride, but it is still a bike. I believe all children can tie their shoes. The knot may not look the same as the knot their brother makes, but they made the knot on their own. I believe these things to my core… I believe all it takes is to believe.