Ideas for Brown Bear, Brown Bear


Model language for your child

-Read with the rhythm of the book

-Leave out words and have the children fill in words (after multiple repetitions) “Green frog, green frog. What do you ______? I see a blue _____. Looking at me.” Pause for a few seconds then fill in the words: “HORSE”

-Read and make statements to describe

“This is a duck, it is yellow, it says quack-quack”

Ask what questions – if they don’t know give a choice of 2, “duck or sheep”

-What color is this animal?

-What animal is this?

-What sound does it make?

-What does it eat?

Ask where questions -if they don’t know give choice of 2, “farm or house”

-Where does the animal live?

-Work on spatial concepts and vocabulary (in the water, up in the sky, in a nest, on top of a lily pad, in a barn)

Talk about animal characteristics (Expansion Expression Tool)

If they don’t know give a choice of 2, “fur or feathers”

-Group group: What group or category does it belong in? (farm animal or pet)

-Blue do: What does it do?

-What does it look like?: (describe size, shape of its body, color)

-What is it made of?: (fur, wool, feathers, hair, skin)

-Pink Parts: (legs, webbed feet, fins, eyes, beak, wool, ears etc)

-White where: where does it live?

-What else do I know? (fun facts/observations)



Expansion activities:

Color match sorting bears

Color match M&Ms, Fruit Loops etc

Counting and graphing

Print and copy letters

Starts with Letter

Brown bear snack – teddy grahams

Retell story

Make puppets with popsicle sticks or paper bags

Make your own brown bear book


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