Month: July 2020

Calming strategies


Calming strategies to help your child RETURN to the Green zone

Breathing Techniques

1.  Lazy 8 Breathing – begin with your finger on the star. Trace around the left side of the eight slowly while breathing in. Then trace around the right side of the eight while breathing out.

2.  Star Breathing – Begin at any point of the star. Trace your finger along the edge of the star and follow the      sequence: Breath in for 2 beats, pause and hold 1 beat, breath out for 2 beats. If your child is unable to read, read the prompts aloud for them as they trace along the edge of the star.


Sensory Techniques

  1. Squeeze Lemons – Use your hands to squeeze pretend lemons or a stress ball 5-10 times slowly.

  1. Take a break! – Go to a quiet space in your home, like your room or in a child size tent to take a break. Help your child create a calm space by placing pillows, a weighted blanket, weighted lap pad, or a regular blanket into the corner of their room or in a small tent. They can practice other calming strategies here as well!



  1. Drink through a straw – Drinking water through a straw is a great way to help calm down one’s body. Or you can use a water bottle with a resistive lid to drink through.


4.  Close your eyes and count to 10 slowly





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Sensory Home Program


These strategies require no special equipment, just your imagination and household items! All of these strategies can be used for increased sensory processing, self-regulation, calming, and attention.

Animal Walks

  1. Crab Walk
  2. Bear Walk
  3. Penguin Walk
  4. Tall Giraffe Walk
  5. Frog Jumps
  6. Bunny Hops
  • Have your child walk like an animal to weight bear through all four limbs for increased calming and self-regulation.

Obstacle course

  • Create an obstacle course around your house with your child using whatever you have! Set up couch cushions on the floor to hop across, crawl under a table, do an animal walk, or jump over a pillow!
  • Your child will get plenty of input by running, jumping, and will also work on their problem-solving skills.

Wheelbarrow Walks

Blanket Burritos


Shaving Cream, Play Dough, or Finger Painting


Listening to Music



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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?