Month: April 2020

Life Skills to Teach your Child during Quarantine

Life Skills to Teach your Child during Quarantine As parents, we have a unique situation which allows us to spend a lot of time with our children at home.  As an OT, I can’t help but think of it as a great opportunity to teach your kids some basic life skills, that will stay with them long past quarantine life!...

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Ideas for Brown Bear, Brown Bear

  Model language for your child -Read with the rhythm of the book -Leave out words and have the children fill in words (after multiple repetitions) “Green frog, green frog. What do you ______? I see a blue _____. Looking at me.” Pause for a few seconds then fill in the words: “HORSE” -Read and make statements to describe “This...

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How to Encourage Your Child to Practice Their Speech and Language Skills at Home

View this post on Instagram #MilestoneMonday “My son’s speech has improved to where he can now speak in small sentences. His balance is way better and he is learning to ride bikes and scooters! ABC is family oriented and flexible with our schedule.” – LaQuana Lewis, parent #MilestoneMonday #Progress #keeppushingforward #pediatrictherapy A post shared by ABC Pediatric Therapy (@abcpedtherapy) on...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?