Month: August 2019

ABC Pediatric Therapy Costume

A Mother’s Experience….Helmet For Head Shape on an Infant By Alyssa Taylor, PT, DPT

I felt nervous, worried, apprehensive, but mostly curious. I was sitting in the orthotist’s office for her to complete a cranial scan on my son. He was 2 months-old and I was slightly overwhelmed. But I knew we were in good hands because Chris, one of the orthotists at Bioworks, is a professional with whom I have worked closely for...

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Mindfulness and ADHD

Imagine being in a room with no doors, but multiple windows on every wall.  You try to shut one window so the breeze isn’t too strong, and two more windows open letting in birds chirping and someone else calling your name…you try to shut another window, but a new one opens with bright sunshine flooding the room. No matter how...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?