Month: June 2018

ABC Pediatric Therapy Jenn working with young adult

Vacation Road Trips and Special Needs by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

My first vacation with Jakob was a 22-hour road trip from Tampa to my parents’ house in Central Illinois. Jakob was 10 months old and already showing some signs that there might be something going on that made him “different.” He was pretty good in the car as long as he had his little yellow toy telephone in his hands...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy DS reading book

Fostering Skills For Preschool

Help your child be comfortable separating from mom and dad:  Expose your child to other people early on and consistently.  Have grandparents, good friends, babysitters/daycare providers watch your child even for a short time of the day.  It’s healthy for babies/toddlers to go through some separation anxiety as this tells you that they recognize mom and dad.  However, the exposure...

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Childhood Speech Disorders and Disability Benefits

If your child has a speech disorder, he or she might be able to qualify for financial aid. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers disability benefits to people of all ages who are unable to work, or in your child’s case, participate in typical childhood activities due to a disability. Speech disorders alone will not qualify, but depending on the...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?