Month: January 2015

Social Skills Apps




*These apps are only available for Apple products (iPhone, iPad) Apps for Social Skills


Social Skills SamplerVideo clips describing social skills such as meeting/greeting people, taking responsibility, apologizing, following directions etc. Videos examples have adults in them and may be best suited for older childrenfree
Model Me Going PlacesSocial stories featuring children going to places around the community including hairdresser, mall, doctor, playground, grocery store, and restaurant presented in a book format with real life pictures. Great to help with transitioning to community
Autism XpressCartoon visualizations of emotions with sound. May help children identify emotions in other people and label their own
Hidden Curriculum for kids/Hidden Curriculum for adolescentsSocial tips that explain the meaning behind social ideas1.99
Quick CuesTips on what to do and how to interact in certain situations$4.99
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Winter Indoor and Snow Day Activities

Now that the weather is colder, it will be difficult to make it out to the playground and outdoors.  This can have a negative effect on all of us, especially those that need additional sensory input in their day.  Below are some ideas of things you can do indoors to help provide sensory input for children:

-create an indoor obstacle course -jump on a mattress on the floor -go on a scavenger hunt in the house -animal walks – bear crawl, crab walk, frog jump -wheelbarrow walk -yoga poses -build a fort with heavy cushions, blankets and pillows (then put it all away) -help with chores (wiping the table, vacuuming, putting groceries away) -cooking preparation activities (such as stirring or mixing dough with your hands)  -roll your child up in a blanket (not covering the head) into a human burrito -play flashlight games in the dark

Be creative and have fun through these colder months!

During snow days, children can have fun in the snow while working on fine motor and strength by using squirt guns, or squirt bottles to draw designs in the snow! Add water and food coloring for a great therapy activity in the snow.

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Learning to Write Letters

When children are learning to write their alphabet letters, it is beneficial to incorporate different ways for them to practice forming the letters. Different textures or messy play activities are a great way to engage children in this activity by having them try some of the following to form letters:

  • Use their finger in a sand box
  • Finger painting by connecting dots
  • Using a toothpick in play doh
  • Glue cotton balls in the shape of letters
  • Stickers in the shape of letters
  • Form the letters using a finger in shaving cream, cool whip, paint, or pudding
  • Form the letters on a chalkboard, then have them erase the letters using a wet wipe or wet sponge for repetition.
  • Alphabet letter shaped snacks (alphabet soup, letter shaped crackers, cookies or fruit snacks)

Incorporating a sensory technique, such as messy play or different textures, increases the child’s ability to process information by increasing their sense of touch, behavior, visual attention, focus, and interest in learning.

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?