Month: December 2014

ABC Pediatric Therapy Gross motor skills eating with a spoon

At Home Tricks for Picky Eaters

  At Home Tricks for Picky Eaters ALLOW YOUR FUSSY EATER TO EXPLORE AND PLAY WITH THEIR FOOD Using the tactile or touch sensation will allow your child to explore the textures of foods more easily and “safer” through their hands first. Using fingers first, then progressing towards their mouth, is much less threatening and will lead to a better...

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Everyone Goes! Toilet Training Tips for Parents

A key fact when considering toileting training is the long-term impact of toilet training on the family’s independence, resources, interactions and social acceptance. The time and effort invested in toilet training is temporary. Toilet training should not begin before age 18 months It becomes a priority if child is over 4 years old Most children need to be continent or...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Christmas Tree

Holiday Gifts for those with Special Needs

1.  Multi-sensory: Does the toy make noise, light up, have texture, a scent, or movement to engage the child? 2.  Provide a challenge without frustration: Make sure the toy provides different levels of force required to activate the toy, while also not having too many steps in order to engage or participate to activate the toy 3.  Place: Is the...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?