Letter To Your Child

Ever wonder what you would write if you could write a letter to your child?

Our children are our most precious gift.  What would you say if you were to write a letter to your child?

I know I would want to inspire.  I would not tell them they can be anything they want to be.  Instead I would teach them to truly inspect.  What are you good at?  What are you not so good at?  Do more of what you are good at.  Learn more about what you like.  Network with those who do what you want to do.  Then go after it.  Do not stop until your goals are met.

Teach them that by helping others you help yourself.

Know thyself.  Know what you want and what you need and go after it.

Set goals.  Don’t just set goals.  Strive to reach them.  Make it NOT an option NOT to meet them.  Break long term goals into several short term goals and go after them all.

Let them know that problems are just barriers to be overcome.

Encourage each to own their mistakes/their problems and learn from them rather than blame others.  This will push you to be the leader I know you can be.  You will learn to break a problem down into tasks to be completed and soon the problem becomes a solution.  Then this child will look at each problem as merely an inconvenience that will be overcome.  Each problem will be a barrier that they will remove.  My child will be able to minimize the stress in their life as they will be able to solve problems.

I will show them that communication is vital to any successful relationship.  In fact,  believe it is the reason most relationships fail.  Know your wants and needs so you can communicate them to those that are important to you.  Then be a good listener.  Understand the wants and needs of those important to you and work to meet them.  Be flexible as wants and needs can and will change on both sides.  That is ok.  Just be open to change and be willing to do your best to give those you love what they need.

Above all love.  Love in abundance and it will come back to you.

What would you write in the letter to your child?




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