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What to Expect on Your First Day at ABC Pediatric Therapy!

Evaluation Step 1: At your first appointment at ABC Pediatric Therapy, you will first meet your therapist in the waiting room.  The therapist will bring you back into a small room or an area in the gym to begin your evaluation. Your evaluation will begin with your therapist asking you a few questions about your child such as his/her medical history, birth history, allergies and more.

Most importantly, your therapist will ask you the following question:  What are your concerns and goals for your child to achieve by attending physical, occupational, or speech therapy?  

Evaluation Step 2: After providing information about your child, the therapist will assess your child’s strengths and weakness by asking him/her to perform a series of tasks.  After assessing your child’s skills, the therapist will determine if your child needs therapy services or if he/she is on track with his/her milestone achievements.  If therapy is needed, it will be recommended.  For example, your child may be recommended to attend therapy one time per week for a 60-minute session. 


Designing Goals: After a need for therapy is determined, the therapist will write goals to work towards in each therapy session.  As a parent, your goals for your child should be reflected in the therapist’s goals for intervention!


Treatment: Treatment begins day one!   Treatment may take place in the large gym or a small room depending on the goal targeted and your child’s needs. The therapist will begin to work with your child to improve his/her skills and work toward meeting the goals set.  Therapists love having you involved in each treatment session.  This is how you learn more about how to help your child.  Treatment sessions will continue until your child meets his/her goals set by you and your therapist.  The more consistent you are with attending your scheduled appointments, the faster progress will be made.  Goals will be updated and changed to challenge your child to progress his/her gross motor, fine motor, or speech skills.



Home Exercise Program:  Beginning on your first day, your therapist will provide you with exercises or activities to perform at home for practice.  Your therapist will provide guidance on how to practice the tasks to help your child be successful.   Ask your therapist for tips on how to practice while keeping up with your busy, daily schedule!  Your home exercise program will be updated as your child progresses through therapy.


Discharge: After your child has met the goals set and your child has overcome your concerns, your therapist will recommend discontinuing therapy services.  As the parent or guardian, you will be provided with a home program to continue to practice at home.  Your therapist will call you periodically to check in.  If concerns arise after discharge, you can call back to meet with your therapist.  Your therapist is here to help create the best life for all children! 





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