Prompting Parents to ask better questions when visiting the pediatrician

A well child visit is a good time to talk to your pediatrician about development and behavior. Do you directly ask your pediatrician about your child’s speech, occupational and physical therapy skills⁉️ We put together a list of questions to ask your pediatrician during your visit!

1. I understand my child when they speak, but others do not. Is this something I should investigate?

2. My child is more shy than other children and does not initiate play. Should I be concerned?

3. My neighbor’s child speaks many more words than mine and they are the same age. What can I do to encourage speech?

4. Scissor cutting, coloring and writing seem to be a struggle for my child. Can you tell me more about fine motor skills?

5. My child has meltdowns frequently. Is that a concern?

6. I see other children on the playground climb, run and jump with no hesitation. My child seems to struggle with those skills. What can you suggest I do?

7. I took an assessment and the results concluded my child is behind on developmental skills. I do not want to wait to get help. What should I do?

8. My child seems to be a very picky eater. How do I encourage him to eat a variety?

You know your child best! A great way to tackle concerns are to get them assessed by a professional in that field as soon as possible! Visit our checklist today!