Balls of Different Sizes

Balls of Different Sizes

Below of milestones of different sized ball skills that your child should be reaching at various ages.



Playground ball

  • roll 8-inch ball forward at 12-14 months
  • kick ball forward 3 feet by 19-24 months
  • Attempts to catch 8-inch ball by 25-30 months
  • Catch 8-inch ball with arms extended by 31-36 months
  • Catches 8-inch ball with arms bent at 45-90 degrees by 32-42 months



Small Ball

  • Throw small ball underhand 10 feet by 43-48 months
  • Bounces ball so it bounces once and then hits wall from 5 feet
  • Bounces and catches small ball by 61-72 months

Tennis ball

  • throw 3-inch ball with extending arms by 15-18 months
  • throw 3-inch ball overhead by age 19-24 months


Sports/Soccer Ball

  • Can kick ball by extending leg back with ben knees so it travels 12 feet by 61-72 months


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