Gross Motor Tic Tac Toe

What you’ll need:

– 1 piece of paper – Pen or pencil – 2 different colored markers – A coin for tossing

Starting with a blank sheet of paper, draw a tic-tac-toe board. Fill each square of the board with a good mix of exercises that will both challenge and encourage your kiddo. With the paper now complete and on the floor a few feet in front of you, use the coin and toss it until it lands on a square. Complete the exercise listed in the square on which you landed. Once you have completed the exercise, use a colored marker to mark your square with any letter to show it has been completed by you—this can be a good exercise for kids just learning how to draw their letters! Now it is the next player’s turn. Keep playing until someone completes three activities in a row, or the entire board is filled. Have more than two kids that want to play? Make each of them a separate board and have them race to see who can fill their board first!



Below are some ideas you can use to fill your board, but feel free to make up your own and don’t forget to share your ideas with us on Facebook so we can try them, too! Choose the area you want to focus on the most or select several from each category.

Coordination and Motor Planning: – Balloon float: try to keep a balloon in the air for 5 seconds – Walk up and down the stairs 1 time – Jump like a kangaroo 10 feet forward – Take 10 steps backwards with your hands on your hips – Complete 5 jumping jacks – 10 toe taps on a step stool – Touch one elbow to the opposite knee 4 times – Skip forward 10 feet – Gallop forward 10 feet like a horse – Crawl or climb in and out of a hula hoop 5 times – Catch a ball 5 times – Throw a ball underhand 5 times to a partner – Throw a ball overhand 5 times to a partner – Jump rope 5 times – Bounce and catch a ball 5 times

Balance/core strength: – Walk forward heel to toe in a straight line for 5 steps – Hold the tree pose while singing your ABC’s – 5 hops forward on 1 leg – 5 bunny hops in and out of a hula hoop – 4 bird dog yoga poses – Penguin walk 10 feet forward – Bridge for 15 seconds – Down dog yoga pose for 10 seconds – Crab walk 10 feet forward
Strengthening: – Walk 10 steps forward holding a pillow overhead – 10 second plank – 5 squats – 10 heel raises – Frog hop forward 10 feet – Sit to stand from a kitchen chair 10 times – Stomp your feet 10 times – 5 wall push-ups

Have questions about your child’s gross motor skills?

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Mariah Cottrill, PT, DPT Physical Therapist