Gift Ideas for children of all Abilities

Great toys to help with development



This is a great toy to work on simple, early developing words as more, on, off

These sock foot finders are great to encourage oral stimulation and reaching/grasping for desired objects activities that will help as they get older to make choices and develop gestures to communicate. These are also great for hand/eye coordination and for helping to build tummy muscles.

This teether is great to help little babies strengthen jaw muscles and tongue movement because it is able to reach the sides of the mouth where the molars are located. This will help get an early start on developing/enhancing that oral strength for feeding and speech.
This is also good to help work on grasp and fine motor control with holding objects and transferring objects between hands.

This is a great toy to encourage early vocabulary such as more, up, hit, down, go, out, as well as colors.
Another great toy for coordination of movements and motor planning to plan how to position and move your body to hit the balls.

This is a great toy to encourage early vocabulary such as more, go, in, truck, environmental sounds of the truck rumbling, as well as colors
This is also great to help encourage hands and knees positioning to crawl and push the truck. You can also use the trunk to go up inclines to increase time and challenge in hands and knees.

This is a great toy for a huge variety of vocabulary such as animal names, go, in, out, wet, catch, stuck, help, off, colors, counting, net, swim, splash, chomp, pinch. Visual attention and coordination are targeted in this game as well! This is also great to work on gross motor skills. You can spread out the animals to catch and complete jumping or animal walks to get to the next area to fish.

This is a great toy to encourage words such as open, out, in, body parts, clothing, stuck, help, colors; more advanced vocabulary such as change/another, increasing phrase length by adding color and body part (red nose, yellow nose) You can also use the body parts to complete an exercise or activity associated with that body part before putting it in Mr. Potato Head.

This is great for animal names, describing what the animals are doing, imaginative play, following directions.
Animal walks! Walk like a horse, a duck, or cow and get kids in fun positions to help them get stronger while having fun!

This toy is fantastic for food names, action words, describing, pretend play, following directions

This toy is great for vocabulary, naming, action words, following directions, describing, naming colors, requesting.
You can also work on jumping skills with this toy! Draw some circles or lines to jump on and over.
You can also practice drawing and handwriting skills in a fun way with tracing and copying.


Games are great for older kids, this one works towards matching, naming, following directions.

Have a race to see who can to get to the Zingo! Board to slide the pieces out.

This game is great for turn taking, social skills, vocabulary, following directions.
This is also a fun and easy game to play in lots of different positions such as on your tummy, standing on something wiggly, standing with one leg up for balance, sitting on a stability ball.