Which Crayon is Best?

There are several different choices of crayons to chose from when learning fine motor and grasping skills.  A child should have a hand dominance and mature grasping pattern by age 4 years.


  • Palm-grasp crayons: often egg shaped and great for

toddlers up to 2.5-3 years of age

  • Triangle shape/3-sided crayons: perfect for preschool aged

children beginning to develop more a mature tripod grasp

  • Flip crayons: miniature crayons that can also be made by

breaking regular crayons in half for better sizing for little hands.

These are recommended for preschool and kindergarten aged

kids to facilitate proper finger position for a mature tripod grasp.

  • Finger crayons: these can be utilized by placing the index

finger in the center hole with thumb and third finger around

the outside.  These can help with finger isolation and can be

good for those children who have difficulty grasping a typical


  • Jumbo crayons: the size of these crayons are perfect for

kindergarten or first graders who have difficulty grasping

a typical crayon. These crayons provide a thicker surface

to grip and can be used with an adaptive grasp if needed, or

during a transition period while developing a mature grasp.


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