Physical Therapy

Therapy- Medical Model vs. Educational Model – Which Is Best For My Child?

  Medical Model In the medical model, an occupational, physical, or speech therapist performs evaluations and treatments in a clinical setting after being referred by a doctor. These evaluations and treatments often mimic a child’s natural play environment.  Therapists look at the whole child, and their ability to function in all aspects of daily life. Goals are focused toward the...

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Physical Therapy and Orthotics

  PHYSICAL THERAPY AND ORTHOTICS   Physical therapists play a critical role in identifying the need for orthotics.  The decision to use orthotics is based on the assessment of range of motion, foot alignment, voluntary control of movement, muscle tone, and functional level of the child.  The foot provides stability and mobility; therefore, an orthosis will affect both of these...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?