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Holiday Gifts for Infants

A new little one in the family is an exciting time, especially during the holidays! Below is a list of gifts and ideas to keep in mind when friends and family are asking what to get your infant this holiday season.

Since the “back to sleep” campaign started, there has been an increase in certain diagnoses affecting a baby’s head shape and position as well as increased developmental delays in children. You have likely heard about “tummy time” being very important for your baby’s development. This is true whether an infant is behind in some of their developmental skills or if they are already doing well with their skills. It is important to get your infant out of “containers” (car seats, positioning seats, jumpers, etc) and playing freely in different positions – and especially on their tummies!*

Consider some of the following toy ideas this year to help support your infant’s development:

  • Activity mat or gym
  • Tummy time cushion for little ones that have difficulty being completely on their belly
    • There are a variety of cute options available for purchase but you can also make your own out of long socks and rice! Just fill it up as much as you need and tie or stitch the end!
    • For parents of kids with special needs – this can be a great way to make affordable positioning devices as well.
  • Play pen so your child can move around more freely in a safe space
  • Activity balls
  • Bead mazes
  • Stacking rings
  • Shape sorters
  • Wooden blocks
  • Toys with mirrors
  • Rattles
  • Infant ring toys for grasping and teething
  • Look for soft toys with light and sound to stimulate their various sensory systems
  • Board or cloth books
  • Activity tables for older infants starting to stand

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*note that tummy time should always be supervised

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