An Open Letter to Parents with Children with Therapy Needs During COVID-19

Dear Parents,

Thank you for bringing your child to ABC Pediatric Therapy. Thank you for trusting our family, with your family. Thank you for coming in weekly and investing in your child’s success and future. Thank you for working on your child’s therapy goals with them at home. You are so important and a vital part of what we do here at ABC. When we write the word “MET” next to your child’s goal- we know that it took a team, a village, and a lot of consistency, more than we can provide alone in a session one time per week. We thank you for that.

On the other hand- if you’ve ever felt discouraged with your ability to carry out your child’s home exercise program, you’re not alone. From time to time we all get discouraged and question ourselves-

“Did I show my child how to imitate that word correctly?”

“Did I provide my child with the correct sensory regulatory activity for the given situation?’

“Did I give my child adequate cues to encourage him/her to go up the stairs leading with the weaker leg?” “Or wait, was he/she supposed to go up with the other leg first.”

Do these thoughts ever make you feel like you would be better off waiting until your next session to have your child’s therapist do it instead? Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to remember all the information that your child’s therapist told you during their 30- or 60-minute session. We are here to remind you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and that IT TAKES A TEAM.  We are also here to show you how Teletherapy can be an opportunity to decrease those feelings of uncertainty, it can be an opportunity to highlight your successes, nourish your areas for growth, and allow your confidence to blossom.

Depending on the age of your child, he/she will not be expected to attend to the computer for the full length of the teletherapy session. Rather, we will come into your home via real-time video chat and provide you with coaching and support for navigating each of your child’s therapy goals. We will give you step by step guidance for addressing each goal while reminding you of the many things that you are doing so well and providing additional assistance where needed. We will work together as a team to provide the best care for you child.

Additionally, teletherapy allows us to modify our goals to best suit your child’s needs in their home. It is not often that we get to see firsthand the way your house is set up or the toys your child is most motivated by or even the inevitable real-life meltdowns. It allows us the opportunity to provide you with endless suggestions to completing therapy even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Teletherapy is a unique and powerful opportunity for you to learn more about each discipline that your child receives whether it be Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, or Speech Therapy. It is our hope that you will end the teletherapy call feeling empowered, educated, and more confident. Again, we thank you for trusting us with your child and look forward to video chatting with you soon.


Your child’s ABC Pediatric Therapy team


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