New Policy Update

Scheduled Appointments:
• Please arrive for each appointment in time to check in and begin therapy at the scheduled time.
• We recommend that you be involved in your child’s treatment session. If you do have to leave, you must ask your therapist first. Please return 15 minutes prior to the session being complete to enable the therapist to discuss your child’s progress.

• If you must cancel an appointment due to an illness or emergency, contact our front office 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Our office staff will ask for your availability to reschedule the appointment. If the appointment is not rescheduled within a rolling week then that missed appointment will count as a cancel.
• When an appointment is rescheduled it is expected that your child will attend that appointment. Multiple cancels and reschedules require reviewing the child’s schedule and determining if another time may be more beneficial.
• Please verify with the front desk any appointments that will be canceled due to a vacation. We request to receive this information at least 14 days prior to the date which will be missed. We are unable to hold any time slot more than 2 consecutive weeks due to a vacation.
• In the event of inclement weather that may be a safety concern, contact our office if you are unable to make it to the appointment. A fee will not be assessed and a reschedule will be offered.
• Frequently canceled appointments (more than 2 canceled appointments per discipline for every 8 scheduled) will be basis for removal of your reoccurring appointment schedule. You will then be encouraged to schedule with more flexibility; scheduling on a week to week basis after each attended appointment.

No Shows:
• Failure to cancel or to appear during an appointment is considered as a no show. A $40 fee will be assessed after the 2nd no-show. The $40 fee is per day, not per discipline. The fee is per child, not per family. No show fees must be paid in full before appointments can resume. Please contact our office immediately to discuss future appointments. If we are unable to reach you within 1 business day after a no show appointment, your child will lose their weekly appointment and will be moved to week to week scheduling. Your child’s appointment time will be automatically offered to another child waiting for services.

A Note from the Therapists:
It is expected that families make every effort possible to attend scheduled appointments. When therapists establish a plan of care for your child, they base the goals and progress shared with the insurance company on the child having consistent therapy sessions (weekly). If your child misses appointments or arrives late, they will not meet their goals as quickly, and your child will likely need to be enrolled in therapy for a longer period of time. The success of treatment sessions depends on consistency and timeliness. In the event that a family does have to cancel, it is strongly encouraged that it be rescheduled, even if it is with another therapist. ABC therapists appreciate it when another therapist provides care for one of their reoccurring patients. It gives the therapist new ideas and a different perspective to include in your child’s treatment plan. ABC therapists are always in close communication with each other. Any other concerns regarding your child, please discuss this with your therapist.