Month: October 2020

Strategies For Hair cutting

  Removing the fear of sight and sound of the clippers/scissors Slowly introduce clippers/scissors placing across the room and moving closer as tolerated Once tolerated nearby, slowly introduce sound by turning clippers on across the room and moving closer as tolerated Present preferred activity for distraction during introduction of clippers/scissors Utilize vibrating massager to desensitize sound of clippers   Removing...

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What Can I do at home to help my child’s language skills improve?

Strategies for Little Ones:   Offer choices embedded into daily routines. This can be in ANY routine! Try offering visual options for choices of cups, shirts to wear, toys, snacks etc. This creates an opportunity for your little one to make a request by pointing, or imitation! Be sure to choose some time in your day to sit down and...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?