Month: April 2019

Torticollis – What is it and how can I help my child?

What is torticollis?   You may have noticed that your baby may prefer to look towards one side, they have difficulty turning their head towards one side, they may keep their head tipped towards a side or maybe they have a flat spot on the back or side of the head. If so, they may have something called torticollis or...

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Why does my child need orthotics?

There are many reasons why a child may benefit from orthotic intervention at all different ages, with and without a medical diagnosis. The use of orthotics can vary from child to child, however, the main goal is to provide stability while promoting functional ability. Orthotics can range from shoe inserts to knee high braces and more. They can be used...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?