Month: February 2019

My Diagnosis Moment; How I Handled it and Where We are Now by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

Jakob was diagnosed when he was 3 and a half. It wasn’t a surprise, I had suspected it since he was 9 months old.  This was 14 years ago this month and back then, doctors were hesitant to diagnose before the age of three.  So for almost 2 years, all we heard was that he had sensory processing disorder.  He...

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I filled out the Interactive Screening Tool and my child is receiving services elsewhere? What do you suggest?

ABC Pediatric Therapy Network is always about progress!  If you are receiving services somewhere other than ABC Pediatric Therapy Network and your child is achieving success, DO NOT change a thing.  That is what ABC is all about …. SUCCESS!  We want your child to be consistently showing progress.  We, like you, want your child to reach their maximum potential....

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Teacher and Student on Swing

Why I Love Being an Autism Mom by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

When Jakob was little and the diagnosis was new, the fear was so great that the anxiety, depression and the mere fight to survive was overwhelming.  There was love there, so much love, it just felt so out of reach from the pain and suffering of the moment.  Thankfully, time changes things.  The distance from the most stressful of days...

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I Filled Out The Interactive Screening Tool….Now What?

The ABC Interactive Screening Tool was developed to empower the parent. We want parents to know what to challenge and when. We do not want your child arriving at preschool or kindergarten not being able to cut, put on their coat or eat the snack provided. What can you, as a parent, do to ensure your child is reaching their...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?