Month: January 2019

ABC Pediatric Therapy Jenn working with young adult

How to Encourage Your Child to Try New Foods by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

Jakob has always been a picky eater.  For years, he would only eat four foods.  Hot dogs, apple-cinnamon protein cereal, bananas and smoothies.  Always a specific brand and flavor and he would never deviate.  He’d smell his hot dogs every time just to make sure they were the right ones.  I tried once to give him the same brand of...

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ABC’s Interactive Screening Tool

What is it? A tool to help parents know what their child should be doing and when.  How does it work? It is simple.  Simply plug in your child’s birthdate.  The gross motor, fine motor, language and sensory tasks that your child should do at that age will pop up.  Answer the questions indicating what your child can and cannot...

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Setting Goals and Managing Expectations by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

At Jakob’s first IEP meeting when he was three, his teacher asked me what goals I had for him. I had no clue. I mean I knew I wanted him to be better. To be happier. To act more like other kids his age, you know, the “normal” ones. Seeing the end results I wanted was easy. Creating a plan...

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Letter To Your Child

Ever wonder what you would write if you could write a letter to your child? Our children are our most precious gift.  What would you say if you were to write a letter to your child? I know I would want to inspire.  I would not tell them they can be anything they want to be.  Instead I would teach...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?