Month: August 2018

Insurance Made Easy

Breaking Through The Financial Barriers ABC is passionate about making sure that finances are not a barrier for your child to receive the services that they need and deserve. What does ABC do to make understanding insurance benefits easy? An ABC staff member will call your insurance company to determine your benefits. We also ask that you also call your...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Teacher and Student on Swing

Building Friendships When You Have Autism by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

When Jakob was first diagnosed, one of my biggest worries was that he would never enjoy being with other people. I feared that he would never care whether or not I was in the same room with him and that he would never want or have any friends. He was perfectly fine all by himself in a room with a...

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Back To School Tips from Q102’s Jenn Jordan

The beginning of the year school picnic is this week and Jakob couldn’t be more excited. Last night, he got out all his back to school paperwork, including his list of school supplies. He’s on my case a bit to go shopping and get everything purchased, packed and ready to go. I’m lucky, Jakob loves school now. It wasn’t always...

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Trouble With Changes In Routine?

Many people have difficulty and can feel anxious with changes in routine but especially children.   Children thrive on routine and knowing what expectations are so when the routine is off, it can throw our children for a loop.  Some common triggers include: going to the dentist, leaving the house, having guests over, holiday get-togethers, changes in plans and unexpected cancelled...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?