Month: July 2018

What to Expect on Your First Day at ABC Pediatric Therapy!

Evaluation Step 1: At your first appointment at ABC Pediatric Therapy, you will first meet your therapist in the waiting room.  The therapist will bring you back into a small room or an area in the gym to begin your evaluation. Your evaluation will begin with your therapist asking you a few questions about your child such as his/her medical...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy boy in weighted vest walking

Toe Walking – Why Does My Child Do That?

Learning to walk is a fun and exciting time for new parents and young children. Children typically begin to walk independently around 12 months of age and require a lot of practice, trial and error, falling and getting back up. Kids do not have a normal, adult-like walking pattern until closer to the age of seven. Therefore, those who are...

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An Autism Diagnosis by Jenn Jordan, Q102 Radio Host

I wrote the following in February 2005 when Jakob was three-and-a-half… “We got the results of Jakob’s ADOS yesterday and they weren’t what I was expecting. I really believed he would test on the autism spectrum but he didn’t. It was autism. The label is autism. To put it in perspective, his score could’ve been 0-22 with 0 being no...

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Torticollis – What Is It And How Can I Help My Child?

What is torticollis?   You may have noticed that your baby may prefer to look towards one side, they have difficulty turning their head towards one side, they may keep their head tipped towards a side or maybe they have a flat spot on the back or side of the head. If so, they may have something called torticollis or...

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Summer Ideas To Challenge Development

Large Motor: Bike or scooter riding Jump rope Throw, kick and catch a ball Hit a ball with a racket or bat Swim Hike Outdoor sports like kick ball, baseball, soccer Follow a line of sidewalk chalk along a jagged and curved path. Water balloon toss or water balloon baseball Hopscotch Small motor, Sensory and Motor Planning: Sidewalk chalk Scavenger...

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ABC Pediatric Therapy Cutting Paper using Fine Motor Skills

Building Skills For Kindergarten

Intellectual skills: Provide your child with fun learning games and toys.  Reading to them, pointing out things on the pages and asking questions are great ways to build language and increase interest and creativity. Motivation to learn: Encourage your child to do their best, follow the class rules and show a genuine interest in what they are doing in school. ...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?