Month: June 2017

Ready, Set, Swim!

How can swimming help my child? Swimming is a great way to build confidence in your child.  This very social activity allows children to fit in with their peer group.  It also promotes lifelong safety when participating in water sports such as boating, water skiing, jet skiing, etc. The effects of buoyancy in water enhances one’s ability to perform skills in...

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Raising a Confident Child

Raising a confident child is the goal of every parent.  Confidence often trumps intelligence as being sure of yourself can take your far in life and mask what is lacking in intellect. Instilling confidence starts at an early age. When your child is an infant, allow multiple people to hold and talk to your baby.  This encourages your child to...

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Developmental Tips For Parents – Helping You Help Your Child

Infant Developmental Tips: *Limit the use of positioning devices such as swings and bouncers.  Too much time in these devices can lead to a mishappen head and delays in development.  Place your infant on their tummy to play several times throughout the day.   Avoid the use of walkers, the rock and play Sleeper and Bumbo Seat for safety and developmental reasons....

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8 Tips to Improve Handwriting for Children

  Here are some great tips to help improve your child’s handwriting: 1. Use a finger to space out your words if you are having difficulty with word spacing. 2. Participate in hand strengthening activities to increase hand strength and endurance.  Some ideas of hand strengthening activities include: using theraputty and finding small objects hidden in it; or squeezing open a...

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Developmental Checklist

Is your child meeting their developmental milestones?